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From Solo to Social – Why Choose Communal Workspaces That Are Community First

As a digital nomad, you know the feeling. 

A big deadline is looming, and you head to a coworking ready to bust it some work out and meet some new people when you’re done. 

But when you get there, you’re met with a sea of noise cancelling headphones.

We’ve all been there. It sucks. And it’s lonely AF. 

How do you meet people digital nomading?

The answer is simple – community-driven communal workspaces. 

Where people don’t just come with a hustle face on. But also with mutual want and need to get to know each other.

In this article, we’ll dive into why community-driven spaces are so important for digital nomads, how we do things at Hub Hoi An, and tips to find coworkings just like this around the world.

Sound good?

Let’s go.

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Why Choose Community-Driven Spaces?

Raise your hand, if at some point on your digital nomad journey, you’ve felt lonely. 

…I’m not the only one, right?

The long working days, the cafe stints where you are the only person working…

Feeling so tired at the end of the day, all you can do is collapse into your homestay bed. 

It leaves you wondering where all the (sociable) digital nomad spots are hiding. ‘Cos the only ones you’re at definitely aren’t.

Well, there is a place. Multiple actually. 

And they are “community-driven” communal workspaces.

Run by digital nomads – for sociable digital nomads.

What's the Benefit of a Coworking Community?

Community in the coworking context is a group of people working and travelling – who want to meet other digital nomads on the same boat. 

So there are a few unique characteristics that make it different from other “travel-oriented” community spaces:

Coworkings with this vibe attract a diverse bunch of people. So, as long as you are open to it, cool things can happen!

We’re talking about activities – not just work.

For some, that could mean sightseeing on the weekend. For others that could be regular socials and networking events.

But the one thing does happen when activities other than work areinvolved? 

True friendship (and sometimes romance).

And because of that business undercurrent, coworkings with a community buzz are also a great place to meet potential business partners, or land work yourself. 


How Things Work at Hub Hoi An

At Hub Hoi An, we have something unique. 

Yes, our coworking is perhaps one of the most scenic in SEA… but we also have a community like no other

The communal workspace has 270-degree views of Hoi An’s iconic rice paddies, creating an insanely beautiful space for you to work in. It’s quiet, serene and open 24/7.

Our family is led by long-term expats and locals who know a thing or two about what’s good in Hoi An.

We attract a creative crowd who operate on flexi-time. So if you’re the sort of person who likes to try new things, but also has to put in a late night or two at our space – you’ll fit right in. 

When we say community-driven – we really mean it. 

We start each week with a family meeting to plan out activities. This is when we give you the scoop on local events, plan day trips, and skill shares. 

It operates on a “as long as there is interest, we’ll make it happen” basis. 

But what gets people coming back to Hub Hoi An, and recommending it to others, is just how social yet super productive our space is.

We’ve got the work-life balance down to a tee.

So if you want to lead an activity, you can. But also, if you’ve got a deadline – there’s time and space for you to focus.

We understand and respect priorities around here. 

As a baseline, we have 

  • Accountability days
  • Community-led sports
  • Family dinners
  • Workshops
  • Friday socials
  • Weekend day trips

And believe it or not, that is just the beginning. No week is the same – it really depends on the crowd. 

Key Things to Look For to Find Community-Focused Communal Workspaces

What we have at Hub Hoi An is special. But we know we’re not the only cool kids out there. There are coworkings across the world who want to make you feel at home too. 

And we want to help you to find them.

Many coworkings rely on WOM (word-of-mouth) – so if you’re just starting out in the digital nomad scene, it’s hard to catch on to what’s good – we’ve been there!

Here’s a quick rundown of sure signs a coworking is community-focused:

Tick at least 3 of these boxes on your coworking search, and you should be onto a winner. 

And trust us, you won’t look back once you join this kind of coworking!

Experience Coworkings That Lead the Way in Work-Life Balance

Working in communal workspaces shouldn’t feel like another dull day in the office.

Where is the fun in that? 

Community-driven workspaces are not just social – but a place to grow, build friendships and find fulfilment with the work-life balance that you became a digital nomad for!

At Hub Hoi An, we lead with community first, and the result is a naturally social environment, where members work better, exercise better, and socialize more. 

Without the guilt-tripping over not “putting the hours in”. 

Don’t believe us? 

Come and try it yourself.

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