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Hoi An’s First Real Coliving

A villa with pool and rice field views, 100% dedicated to Hub Hoi An community.

Always includes coworking membership, community, events, airport pick-up, and of course, accommodation.

Our Hoi An Coliving

What makes Hub Hoi An coliving so unique?

  • The first real coliving in Hoi An: Not just a shared house! We’re all about community, and fully dedicated to our Hub Hoi An colivers experience.
  • Coworking included: Full coworking membership at Hub is included. It’s just 900m away, through the rice fields. 
  • Airport pick-up included: Someone will be waiting for you at the airport (DAD). And yes, that’s complimentary. 
  • Beautiful rooms: All rooms are en-suite, with balconies, desks, new office chairs (except dorms) and green views (except the ground floor pool room)
  • Villa-style house: We have a pool, a big lobby area to hang out or do yoga, and a shared kitchen area. Accommodation services are provided by our partner company. Community Management etc. is by us.

Coliving Room Types

Standard Rooms

Our “standard” rooms are newly furnished, well-equipped, modern rooms.

We have 6 of them in total. Each of them unique in their own way with a slightly different layout. 

They all come with:

  • en-suite bathroom
  • green views
  • balconies facing the front or the back of the property
  • desk
  • new office chairs
  • kettle and cups
  • TV with HDMI cable
  • some come with bath tubs (can be requested but not guaranteed).

Best View Rooms

On the third floor, facing the front of the property with views of the rice fields and bamboo. These rooms have the best views in the house. 

The rooms have a similiar look and feel to the Standard Rooms.

The layout changes a little room-to-room.

Ground Floor Room (Direct Pool Access)

The Ground Floor room has all the benefits modern features of the Standard Room.

But it’s more awesome in one way, and less awesome in another way:

It’s the only room that goes out directly to the pool.

So you can get out of bed and jump straight in. 

But its door goes directly into the ground-floor lobby area. We reworked the doors to make them more soundproof, and they’re heavy solid wood. They’re decent, far above local standards, but no soundproofing is 100%.

Other coliving spaces probably wouldn’t differentiate, but we want to give you a choice 🙂


We have

  • one 4-bed
  • one 5-bed dorm (single beds, no bunk beds)

They’re on the highest floor with the best views of the rice fields and bamboo.

Each dorm has its own bathroom, plus a shared bathroom for both.

You’ll get a locker for your things, and most beds have their own power outlet.

We’re working on building curtains for each bed also.

Introductory Pricing

Our introductory rates for 2024 are below. The regular rate for 1 month standard would be $849

Dorm Bed

1 Month
$399/1 p
3 Weeks
$349/1 p
2 Weeks
$279/1 p
1 Week
$175/1 p
3 Months (per month)
$355/1 p

G. Floor Pool Room

1 Month
$695/1 p
$895/2 ppl
3 Weeks
$619/1 p
$799/2 ppl
2 Weeks
$479/1 p
$619/2 ppl
1 Week
$299/1 p
$385/2 ppl
3 Months (per month)
$599/1 p
$775/2 ppl

Standard Rooms

1 Month
$749/1 p
$965/2 ppl
3 Weeks
$649/1 p
$839/2 ppl
2 Weeks
$519/1 p
$669/2 ppl
1 Week
$319/1 p
$409/2 ppl
3 Months (per month)
$629/1 p
$809/2 ppl

Best View Rooms

1 Month
$869/1 p
$1119/2 ppl
3 Weeks
$759/1 p
$979/2 ppl
2 Weeks
$629/1 p
$809/2 ppl
1 Week
$399/1 p
$515/2 ppl
3 Months (per month)
$729/1 p
$939/2 ppl

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Ready to join our community? 

Frequently Asked Questions


  • Accommodation (except for the dorm, all are en-suite, with balcony, desk and office chair)
  • Utilities: Electric, Internet, water, drinking water
  • Use of facilities: shared kitchen, bicycle, shared pool
  • Room service 1x per week (more for a small fee)
  • Airport Pickup
  • Full coworking space membership
  • Community & events (at the coworking), usually 10-20 per week (for example social events, activities, workshops, accountability coworking sessions etc)
  • Self-serve tea & Vietnamese coffee at the coliving and coworking

Not included: Food and other drinks, like beer from the fridge or our italian coffees from our proper barista machine (at the coworking).

So glad you asked. The Hub is a very special community, made up of empathetic, respectful and giving individuals who are keen to connect with other people.
We like people who bring in their own ideas for an active social life and who don’t hesitate to be proactive about crafting the community and social life that they like.

Finally, our members also have empathy with us and understand that running a coliving and coworking like ours is not always easy and won’t always be perfect – so we expect you to talk to us directly if something doesn’t work for you. We do always embrace your feedback and will try to make it right, so please be fair and give us a chance to make it right.

Please don’t join if you don’t speak fluent English, if you’re here only to take instagram shots or if you have never been part of the digital nomad community and aren’t interested in investing the time to become a part of it.

The minimum stay duration is 1 week.
We don’t have a maximum right now and we give a discount if you stay 3 months or longer.

There’s a gym that is super close by, about 50 meters, called New Life.
It doesn’t have AC, so on hot days you best get there early. But it’s very affordable, well equipped and very nearby.

  1. Cancellation over 30 days: 70% refund
  2. Cancellations less than 30 days: no right to a refund and please understand if it’s not possible. However, we will try to refund you 70% if we find a replacement.

Vietnam now has a cheap and convenient 3-month tourist visa (single or multiple entry).
However, the technical implementation is lacking and the government sometimes makes mistakes or takes too long to process the visa, which are not fixable. There have been too many incidences where people couldn’t enter.
That’s why we urgently recommend you use a visa agent. Usually Lynn Visa, an agent in Da Nang, does this for our members.
She charges $10-$50 in addition to the regular visa fees, purely depending on how short-term your request is. Cheapest is 10+ working days in advance, most last minute is 1-2 working days.

Please trust us when we say it’s well worth it. Another reputable agent will most likely do a fine job, too.

At the coworking, which is only 900 meters away, you’ll find one of the most social and events-heavy coworking spaces you will have ever encountered. We sometimes have 6 events in a day.
The coliving residents usually form a more tight-knit core group of our larger community and tend to organize dinners or pool parties together, in addition to the coworking events.

We sometimes consider putting in a minimum age, but we also know that there are really cool young people and we don’t want to be agist.
Instead, if you’re younger than 25, we ask you to try to be especially mindful and aware of your behavior and your contributions to the community. We’re a community of empathetic, smart and respectful individuals – and often our members actively participate in our community events or even take leadership and suggest activities. Age does correlate a little bit with those traits (just statistically, not in your case of course!), but intention and attitude are more important, of course.
So: be cool, don’t make us regret our decision to let you in. Thanks 🙂