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A Coffee with Marius – Founder of Kuyome

Marius was at the Hub during summer 2017 and I can say, one of the most calm and peaceful persons I have ever met in my life. Wow! Marius is a Meditation Trainer & Relaxation Therapist and founder of (German).

During Marius’ stay in Hoi An, he was organizing his very first Meditation Retreat in Taghazouz, Morocco and he gave workshops at the A Luminary Life, the Healing and Meditation Centre in Hoi An.

We’re always very happy when members create awesome products and services and achieve milestones in our space. So, take a comfy seat and let’s have a coffee with Marius today.

Marius, when you think back in time, what was your best travel experience in Vietnam?

“I loved driving the Scooter! Especially the way from Hoi An to My Son and through the hills and paddyfields in Sapa!”

How would you describe Hoi An as a workplace?

“Perfect. For me. Because it is not to crowded like in big cities. It’s not to noisy and dusty. The traffic is also really relaxed. And the way to the beach is short. There is a lot of nice food to get and lots to do, like Yoga at Nomad Yoga.”

You work remotely, how do you find a work-life balance? Do you have a daily routine that helps you to keep on track?

“No, I don’t have a routine. I am still not sure, if a routine is helpful. Because, I really like to do what I want and what I feel like. And when I like to stay in bed, instead of waking up early to do a morning sport-session or something like that, I do so. But I try to keep in mind to focus on my needs and my feelings. And to not work against them. That means, when I feel stressed, I take a time out. Not in 30min or in two hours, I do it when I feel like it. So, to listen to my inner voices keeps me going on.”

You’ve just organised your first Meditation retreat this year. What was the biggest challenge? And how did it work at the end? Are you happy with the result?

“Everything was a challenge haha. I didn’t have a lot of newsletter-Followers or any other followers in the digital world. So the biggest thing was maybe, to reach enough people that will join my retreat. But also to do adverts and social media posts, to set up an event on eventbrite, to customize all the pdfs and infos, the descriptions the faq’s, I had nothing and started from nothing.”

What are the three things you would love to do within the next 12 months?

“A lot: I want to set up 4 new retreats next year. I am creating an online course as well and I want to launch it till the end of spring. And I want to start a podcast. That’s it. I know, it is just a „work-bucketlist“ but I really love what I do and I love to grow.
But on my privat funny things wish list is:

  1. Learning to dance Salsa
  2. Paragliding
  3. A roadtrip through Scandinavia

But this is not a must for the next 1 month.”

What is your favorite Vietnamese food?

“Of course: definitely Bun Cha!”

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Hẹn gặp lại bạn ở Hội An [See you in Hoi An]


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