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A coffee with Jose – Founder of Laundrylan

Jose was one of our first Hub members, after the Hub opened in April 2017. One day Jose made a reservation for our Meeting Room and after some hours – tadaa – he launched his new online business Laundrylan with a pitch video made in our quiet space.

We’re super happy that people use the Hub to create products, launch services or find friends and business partners. And that is why we came up with the idea to celebrate our member achievements. Let’s have a coffee today with Jose, founder of Laundrylan.
Jose, when you think back in time, what was your best travel experience in Vietnam?

“Hoi An was the place I liked the most to stick around for a while. I loved the vibe, the beach, the environment… it’s a beautiful quiet town, yet there is plenty to do.”

How would you describe Hoi An as a workplace?

“I found Hoi An one of the best places I have visited as a digital nomad when I went. The weather is great in March and April, but I heard it can get unbearably hot at certain times of the year. There are plenty of cafés and restaurants to work from. Most have great wifi, delicious food and coffees, and they are opened until late. And there is also a fantastic co-working space if you prefer to go somewhere quiet and cosy *twinkle twinkle* – Hub Hoi An.”

You work remotely, how do you find a work-life balance? Do you have a daily routine that helps you to keep on track?

“Well I work on my own startup, so it’s really up to me to decide how much I work every day. So I’d say my work-life balance is great. I do have some daily rituals now, but at the time I was in Hoi An I didn’t have them. My daily rituals consist of:

1. Meditation: 10 minutes
2. Intense workout: 10 minutes
3. Affirmations Journal entry: 5 minutes
4. Free-writing: 15 minutes
5. Watch inspirational TED Talk: 10 minutes

I take only Sundays off, and I finish work everyday at 6pm.”

You’ve just launched Laundrylan this year. What or who helped you to start this business?

“I looked for reports from reliable sources to analyze both the industry and my competitors. I also listened to a few audio books related to enterpreneurship, including the 4-hour week. I also read books and articles about mindfulness, because I also think it’s very important to be mindful and look after your mental health as an enterpreneur. Then, as a developer, I used many tools: Visual Studio, SQL Server, HotJar, MockingBot, Hangouts, Google Drive, BitBucket, SourceTree.”

Do you want to see Jose’s Pitch Video? Check it out here.

What are the three things you would love to do within the next 12 months?

  1. Come back to work on LaundryLan full-time and grow it to the next level
  2. Travel and visit some new places
  3. Teach mindfulness and connect with people in a meaningful way

What is your favorite Vietnamese food?

“Difficult to answer. Bahn Mi are amazing sandwhiches. I think I remember them so clearly because of the amazing time and the amazing people I was sharing them with. Peace and love!”

Thank you Jose for taking your time for our little chat. I wish you all the best and success, adventurous travels and many happy moments. Hope to see you again one day.

About Laundrylan

Laundrylan is an online marketplace for laundry services in Melbourne, Australia. User can choose washing, ironing and delivery and book the service through laundrylan. Every person can sign up to become a laundrylan worker, the service is simple as Airbnb or Uber.

If you wish to have a coffee with me here, please don’t hesitate to drop me an E-Mail at

Hẹn gặp lại bạn ở Hội An [See you in Hoi An]

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